Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hi! Welcome to my blog!

Hey everyone! I'm Jen. I'm a stay-at-home mom. Right now, I'm struggling with the challenge so many new moms face: losing weight. Between cooking dinner for my husband and taking care of my baby, going to the gym is not an option. So, I've gotten involved with Herbalife and am loving it! I recently lost 16 pounds in two months, and I feel fantastic. I have so much energy to run around with my daughter, and I love it!

I want to share a bit about myself, since I'm going to be sharing my everyday triumphs and struggles with you on a semi-daily basis going forward. I'm loving being a first time mom. I'm currently having an addition built on my house so my daughter has somewhere spacious to play. Plus, I'm building a new master suite - come on, Mommy and Daddy definitely need their space, too!

My hobbies include visiting the lake with family and friends, watching television (whenever I get a few minutes to myself) and my Herbalife business. Herbalife allows me to work from home and sell products that I truly believe in. Please feel free to contact me if you want to learn more! I truly value my time with my husband and daughter, and selling Herbalife allows me to do this while contributing to the household income. Plus, I'm losing tons of weight by drinking a shake that tastes like chocolate. Seriously, you can't beat that! Also, I've learned so much about nutrition that it's amazing. I had no idea I needed all of these vitamins. I'm glad I know now!

Anyway, I look forward to sharing my daily activities with you as I embrace the worlds of weight loss and mommyhood. I hope you'll follow me along the way.

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