Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My exciting Tuesday

Hello again.  My what an interesting day so far.  First thing this morning I wake up to my bedroom shaking from the vibration of the addition being built on our house.  I thought they were sawing right through and joining me in bed.  8:00 am is too early for a working mom to be awake if she does not have to be...right?  My daughter usually sleeps until 9:30 - 10:00 so why shouldn't I??  Oh well, an ocassional early rise is actually quite enjoyable. 

After my daughter joined me and woke up, I proceeded to change her diaper.  I should have changed her on the changing table upstairs since it was a very messy one, but no I changed her on my nice couch.  She grabbed the soiled diaper and smeared it all over the couch for mommy!!  Oh boy my first poopy disaster!!  Ahhhh motherhood.

I then made my delicious herbalife protein shake and my daughter's breakfast.  Nothing unusual there.  After breakfast I dialed through several calls I had to make for my business.   My daughter plays in the livingroom where I can see her.  She decides to help herself to a snack.  She got into the beach bag on the floor from the weekend, pulled out her container of puffed rice stars, took  the lid off, and spilled the brand new container all over the floor.  It was histerical and of course a kodak moment!!  Gotta love 1yr olds!  She sat in the middle of them on the floor and went to town eating them.  I guess she won't be needing any lunch.
That is up to present in my day so lets see what's to come!!  I am headed to my mom's for dinner to see my sister who is in town from north Jersey.  Talk again soon.

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